Special Edition Hyundai i10, i20 & i30 this New Year!

Hyundai will be launching Special Edition i10, i20 & i30 in UK this new year. The new models have been named “Edition” and will have some styling and equipment upgrades.

The Various Special Edition Models & Their Features -

SE - i30

  • Petrol/Diesel Variant
  • Alloy wheels
  • Sports pedals
  • Remote central locking
  • All-round electric windows
  • Engine stop-start system

SE - i20

  • 1.2L Petrol Engine
  • Available in both Three/Five Door Bodies
  • Choice of two optional exterior colors
  • Half-leather seat trim
  • Air-conditioning
  • Remote Central Locking

SE- i10

  • Cheapest of the New “Edition” Cars
  • 1.1L petrol engine
  • Alloy wheels
  • Side mouldings
  • Front foglights
  • Air-conditioning
  • Electric windows


We can also expect the launch of these Special Edition Cars from Hyundai in India this new year, there has been no official announcement regarding the same, though.

No Lexus for India Right Now, Says Toyota

lexus india toyota launch

Sometime back, the world’s largest carmaker, Toyota had said that it had plans of bringing Lexus as CBU’s to India. However, the company has axed those plans for now. This has been done because setting up dealerships across the country would be a tedious job. Moreover, the company has decided to shift  its entire focus to its small car project as India has lately begun to see a huge rise in the sales of cars in the small car segment.

Tata Nano Hybrid/Diesel to be Showcased at Delhi Auto Expo 2010 ?


One of the things about the Tata Nano that is constantly put under criticism is the amount of pollution it can potentially cause. But what if instead of being a Gas-Burning Nano, it is a Green E-Nano?. That’s what the Tata’s are thinking right now.

Acc to Sources, Tata Motors have confirmed that they’re working on the hybrid Nano and a Diesel Variant of the Nano could be expected in Near Future. Work is also being done on a Half-Tonne Pick-Up Truck avatar of the Nano.

Lots of Flavors of the Nano, Huh? Lets see how this Shapes Up in the Future.