Delhi’s first Super Car Show Tomorrow!

Delhi 2010 Super Car Show Claridges February

Delhi will witness its first super car show tomorrow (21st Feb, 2010). The show is being organised by Bellset entertainment.

Forty-eight (super) cars are confirmed - including two Ferrari F430, 599GTB Fiorano, three Audi R8's, Aston Martin DB9, Vantage, two Lamborghini LP560's, Lambo Spyder, Merc SL55, CL500, Maserati GTS, Chevy Camaro SS, Bentley GTS, Porsche Carrera S, 911, Cayman S, four BMW M3's, two BMW M5's, BMW Z4, Rolls Royce Phantom, Bentley Arnage, Jag XFR.

  • Venue – The Claridges, Delhi
  • Time – 11:00 AM

Volkswagen Polo’s India Price out on February 23

The Volkswagen Polo is finally all-set to hit the roads in February. The price which has been a closely guarded secret will also be announced on February 23. VW has been working aggressively on localisation to price the Polo competitively so you can expect the base Polo to start at around Rs 4.5 lakh.


There will be three engine options available, but the first one to hit the showrooms will be the 1.2-litre 75bhp petrol. The other two engines – 1.2-litre 75bhp diesel and a 1.6-litre 104bhp petrol will follow shortly. The Polo promises to bring class leading levels of quality and comfort to the segment and will be available across three trim levels – Trendline, Comfortline and the Highline.

Source - Autocar India

Coming Soon - Renault’s Twizy Z.E. Concept

French car manufacturer Renault is looking for an Indian partner with whom its Zero Emission cars can be developed for India. The Twizy Z.E Concept occupies the prime spot in Renault’s zero emission plans for India.

Renault-Twizy-Z-E-Concept_0 india

The Twizy Concept has a four-wheel chassis and offers the driver and passenger – seated one behind the other – an all-electric means of transport which produces zero CO2 emissions. With 2.30 meters long and just 1.13 meters wide, the Twizy ensures that it sneaks through the urban traffic without much problem.


It has a turning circle of just three meters and a footprint barely larger than that of a scooter. So, parking should not be an issue in India’s crowded streets. Powered by a 20 bhp electric motor the car develops 7.14 kgm of max torque and can attain a top speed of 75 kmph. It combines comfort with responsive performance at all engine speeds and it can accelerate at a similar rate to a 125cc bike.

Become Autocar India’s Young Driver 2010 !

autocar india young driver 2010

So, you think you are the best driver in India, eh? Well, some news that might interest you! Autocar India and Maruti Suzuki have come up with Young Driver 2010 - a competetion for India's safest driver.

The competition will be held in three phases – an online theory test, a simulator session and the final driver analysis at the Institute of Driving Training and Research (IDTR) at New Delhi.

The Rewards? Well, the winner of the competetion gets a brand new Maruti Suzuki A-Star alongwith the title of being India's safest driver.

Interested? head to to register. (Last Date for Registration -> 25the February 2010

Spied – New Ford Endeavour Variant in Chennai

Ford_Endeavour_test_mule-2 Ford_Endeavour_test_mule-1

IAB published the images of what could be the new variant of the Ford Endeavour in India. The Endeavour spied is said to be the same as the showroom model the only difference being that this one had a “On Test” badge on the rear windshield.

Michael Boneham, President and Managing Director, Ford India last year hinted at 2.5 Litre – Automatic & 3 Litre Manual Transmission versions of the Endeavour. This one here, could well be one of the two!

TVS Apache 220 coming soon!

apache yellow   The Apache RTR 180

Taking cue from other bike manufacturers’, TVS will soon introduce a power-centered bike for enthusiasts in India – the Apache 220. It will have a 220 cc engine (as the name suggests) and is expected to produce 22 bhp with a top speed of 150 kmph.

The production of the bike will start in February 2010, i.e this month and it will hit the showrooms sometime around April 2010 with a price tag of about Rs 95,000. 

We’ll keep you updated on this information. Stay Tuned.

Ford Figo launch due Next Month [India], New Models Coming Soon

ford figo launch india march 2010 Ford will be launching its sub-B catagory car – the ‘Figo’ in India before the end of the next month. It will be the sixth new model to be introduced in India by Ford. However the company is tightlipped about the pricing of the car. According to Ford India president and MD Michael Boneham -

“It (the price) will be very competitive. We will compete with the i10 and Swift and others as we are targeting the segment, which accounts for 70% of all new vehicles sold in India; The definition of small car in India is a “bit different”

Mr Boneham said Ford intends to introduce a series of new products to the market in a 12-18 month span. It would take about 5-6 years to reach full capacity, he said, responding to a query. Though it would focus on the compact car segment, it did not necessarily mean that Ford would not look at other segments.

New Volvo S80 Diesel Launched in India

Volvo Auto India, yesterday, launched the new Volvo S80 in India. The car is priced at Rs 38.79 lakh (Ex-Mumbai) & Rs. 37 lakh (Ex-Delhi) Volvo currently sells two models in India, the Volvo SUV XC90 and Volvo S80.

2010 new volvo s80 diesel india

The New Volvo S80 meets the Euro 5 emission norms. It has a 2.4 litre diesel engine which delivers 205 hp, 420 Nm of torque and a fuel efficiency of 13.09 km per litre. The D5 engine also comes equipped with the latest twin turbo and Peizo high-pressure technology. It has the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) feature which is provided in all Volvo diesel models.

The S60 offers rear seat entertainment with a dual DVD screen connected to a Dolby Prologic II Dynaudio music system, GPS Navigation system and an anti-theft personal communicator.

In terms of safety, the S80 comes with Intelligent Driver Information System, Adaptive Brake Lights, Ready Alert Brakes - which further reduce braking distance during an emergency, Dynamic Stablity Traction Control, Whplash Protection System and Side Impact Protection System.

The company said that it has no plans to set-up manufacturing units in India as the company is not getting that kind of sales figures yet. Moreover, it said, that the country’s present duty structure doesn’t make much difference to the cost of the cars even if they are imported as CKD’s to India as opposed to the current CBU imports.

2010 Supercar Show at Mumbai, India by XXX/Parx/SCI – Pictorial Report by Team BHP [Photos will ‘drive’ you Insane]

Hi Readers, last Sunday i.e on the 31st of January, 2010, a Super Car Show was organised in Mumbai by Supercar Club of India (SCI) XXX Energy Drinks & Parx. (There was a similar show in April last year, Remember?) There was a flurry of ‘super’ cars at the event from the Audi R8 to the BMWs to the Lamborghinis and the Ferraris, you name it. It was a one of a kind event.

Here, on Gedi Junction, we are starting a separate section for this event that took place and we’ll be posting every bit of news from the sources available. So you’ll find a lot of content that has been taken from other blogs/websites which were present to cover the event. All credits to the original content producers.

This is a report of the event/rally by v12 (TeamBHP Moderator)

banner super car show 2010 parx xxx energy drinks mumbai india

The Venue
All in all, this rally was one of the most organised ones in Mumbai. It was very well organised, they had good participants, guards behaved well - a very good job Hormazad, Gautam and all the event organisers. One more important thing that I noticed was that the venue and the event layout was arranged in such a way that it was easily accessible to viewers and even participants. There was not much of chaos like the last time. The guards handled the entry and exit points very well and there was no delay for the cars coming through. Even though we did not have a pass, we managed to get some good pics (although not detailed) of all the cars present. There was heavy security and bandobast at the event and even on the entire route. The only problem was that the entrance of the venue was quite dusty and the drivers had a tough time keeping the Lamborghini's parked at the entrance clean. Everytime a car revved, a lot of dust settled on the cars parked at the entrance. 

The entrance to the venue. Red-carpet welcome for all!

Heavy police bandobast. Along with private security guards.

Media Coverage was in full swing.

Getting ready for OTR, you'd wonder. Jeeps were ordered for press photography. 

The Cars at the venue
The cars started pouring in right from 8-30 AM and most of them were Gautam Singhania's cars. We (Gordon, a friend and myself) reached Peddar Road at around 8 and found the Panamera being prepared for the rally. On the way we also seen almost a dozen Mahindra Classic and Gypsy's and wondered if they had arranged a rally for themselves. Its later when the flag off took place that we realised what these SUV's were really there for. A little later we reached Marine Drive and started searching for the venue. Took the directions from Dippy and went off in search. En-route we spotted the CLS 63 and SL63 waiting outside INOX. The people there informed us that they were waiting for the other Mercs to arrive. So we took some pics and directions and headed to the venue. When we reached the venue at around 8-30 AM only to find a few cars like the Bentley, CLS63 and the 123-registered F430 already present.

The "exotic" cars started rolling in at sharp 9 - starting with Gautam Singhania's entries - Lamborghini Gallardo, Ariel Atom, Lotus Elise, Ferrari 348 and the 1000bhp Nissan Skyline. Thankfully none of his cars were decorated with the Zapp or Park Avenue stickers (except for the Nissan). The next to turn up was Autocar India editor Hormazd Sorabjee, in Sanjay Dutt's Ferrari 599. This is the first time I was seeing the Ferrari 599 and I must say - Ferrari have indeed blended modern technology and a classic design to make the 599. I'm sure this design is not going to grow out on me - no matter what models replace the 599.

Then was the turn of the "Sportscars" like the Cayman S (no offence Dante, your car really looked beautiful), the Nissan 370Z, the Jaguar XF-R and the Can-Am Spider. The reactions around the Can-Am was a mixed one and for a moment even the guards were wondering whether the 3-wheeler turned up at the wrong event. However this was not the only non 4-wheeler at the event.

The next lineup was one of the most amazing and rev-filled one. 3 Gallardo's turned up together one behind the other. The white LP-560, yellow Gallardo SE and blue Gallardo. It was really a sight to see and more so when I saw Dippy in the passenger seat of the LP-560.

Another amazing thing was the M-lineup. An M3 Coupe, M5 and M3 convertible. No honking - just revving seemed to have been the style there. But I must say the way the 3 cars revved at the entrance - it was amazing!

Anyways enough of talking and let the pics do the talking. Have around 500 pics of the event, but since most of the pics have already been posted, I will only post one pic of all the cars.

Once again - a big hand to Hormazd Sorabjee, Gautam Singhania and all the organisers who made this event a memorable one for everyone.

Pics in chronological order :
The Panamera being readied for the rally.

The CLS63 and SL63 AMG at Inox waiting for the other Merc to arrive.

Porsche entered through the Exit by mistake and had to turn back The Ferrari F430 Spider and the Bentley Flying Spur Speed were already present by the time we reached.Bentley-FSS Cars entering the venue. Started with Gautam Singhania's Lamborghini Gallardo..

Followed by his Ariel Atom..

Followed by his Lotus Elise...

Followed by his Ferrari 348..

And finally his 2-wheeler

Autocar India editor Hormazd Sorabjee enters with Sanjay Dutt's Ferrari 599 GTB

Dante's Porsche Cayman S Nissan 370Z Jaguar XF-R Can-Am Spider. It looked like a Lamborghini on 3-wheels.


Trio of Lamborghini Gallardo. Dippy waving out from the LP-560. Bentlet Continental GT Speed

Mercedes CLS 63 and SL63 AMG


Bentley Flying Spur

BMW M5 Mercedes CLK500 Porsche Panamera S

Lineage of BMW M's, M3 Coupe, M5 and M3 Convertible

Porsche Carrera S

Audi R8 BMW M3 Rolls Royce Phantom

Maserati Gran Tourismo

Lamborghini Gallardo SE

Porsche Carrera S

Mercedes CL Class

Jaguar XF

And finally the Lamborghini LP640

Missed capturing these cars at the entry point :
Porsche 911 Turbo, Nissan GTR and BMW 645 CI  bmw 645 ci at the 2010 super car show at mumbai india by parx xxx sci super car club of india

Lots of More Stuff to come, Stay Tuned ;)