Ferrari coming soon to India courtesy Tata, Fiat

Italian auto giant Fiat and Tata Motors are under discussions for a joint marketing project to sell Ferraris and Maseratis in India 

Mr Tata, who is also a Fiat director, told Italian daily La Stampa the two were studying further cooperation to add to existing projects such as a partnership to produce engines in India.

“We have various projects, to take the Nano to Latin America together, to share platforms for new cars, we have projects for (Fiat lorry unit) Iveco and marketing Ferraris and Maseratis,” in India Mr Tata said. “We are talking about a lot of things.”

  black-maserati The Maserati (above) and Ferrari

blue ferrari

Both Ferrari and Maserati brands are under Fiat’s control.

Tata Motors is also present in the luxury car business, having acquired the British brands Jaguar and Land Rover for $2.3 billion from the US automaker Ford last year.

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