Michelin tests new Primacy LC range of tires in India

michelin primacy lc tyre test india

Michelin tested their new range of tyres — the Primacy LC at the hot Sriperumbudur track.

The Primacy LC is a new range of tyres, developed by Michelin specifically for the Asian market.

Available in 15 and 16-inch sizes, they are aimed at cars such as the Skoda Octavia and Laura, Honda Accord and Civic, Toyota Camry, Innova and Corolla among others. It’s positioned as a performance tyre, keeping the environment and fuel efficiency in mind.

michelin primacy lc maruti swift

Now that’s a very difficult trade-off to achieve, since performance generally means lots of grip, but with not so good fuel efficiency. Michelin, however, have managed to achieve that with the use of silica. With 98 per cent silica construction, the tyres not only run cooler, their life is also significantly enhanced. The LC is a low rolling resistance tyre, with relatively lesser friction between the road and the tyres.

All of these features have helped the Primacy go one up over its predecessor as well as match or better the characteristics of its competitors, with near competition-like pricing. Michelin also claim that the cost of a new tyre can be written off by the savings of using a set of four Primacy LCs with less than 45,000 kilometres of use.

With pretty good performance characteristics and economics in play, that does sound like a ‘hot’ proposition.

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