Rolls Royce Ghosts coming to India early next year

Rolls Royce is easily the most iconic automobile brand in the world. The brand of super luxury cars has been available in India for more than two years now and dealers have told UTVi that the company's on track with plans to launch the Rolls Royce Ghost family of products early next year and India may even see a convertible version.


According to Sharad Kachalia of Navnit Motors, "The company is bullish about the RR4 and is projecting that sales will be two or three times what it is to equal about 3,000 units globally and that should certianly impact sales here in India as well..."

Last year India saw sales of about 24 Rolls Royces. Sales as of now are about 1 to 2 units a month mostly from showrooms in Delhi and Mumbai, analysts add that other markets still dominate the luxury game for volumes.

Booz & Co. Partner Vikas Sehgal said, "For Rolls Royce specifically this market is not going to make or break their numbers ... it's more about putting a dot on the map and real sales for such companies will come form China, N America and Singapore where demand is capable of actually generating revenues"

And auto players such as Rolls Royce go on to say it is selling despite astronomically high duties, not because of it.

"The octroi on a Rolls Royce which is priced between Rs 3 crore and Rs 4 crore is about 18% which translates to almost a crore and the question that the customer is going to ask is what am I as a consumer getting from the government in exchange for such a high duty," Kachalia said.

Even as the octroi on a Rolls Royce is the highest in the industry, it's not going to deter the company from bringing its global products into the country in addition to the Phantom series of cars that are available now.

The versions available now are in hard-top but when the RR4 or the Ghost series makes its debut next year you can count on the possibility of a convertible as part of the offering.

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