Karizma or Pulsar 220 Dts Fi or Apache RTR ? CNBC Money Control Review Video

In this video the various experts from the automotive industry test out the Karizma, Pulsar 220 FI and the Apache on a proper Racing Track.

At the end of the test, each one of them have separate choices.

So, they agree to a race. Now in this race between these three bikes, the Karizma wins.

Now, personally, If I had to choose a bike between all of these (at the time when this test was conducted), I would also have chosen the Karizma. But I would do that only if the DTSi version of the Pulsar 220 had not been launched (without the FI).

Since Bajaj has launched the FI-less version of the Pulsar 220, and it is almost about the same price as Karizma, I’d have my money on the Pulsar 220, simply because of the additional features it has to offer at the same price. The pulsar 220 DTSi has -

  • Split Grab Rails
  • Comfortable Handle
  • Split Seat
  • Gas enhanced Suspension
  • Fatter Tyres
  • Projector Headlamps

So, if anyone wants to buy a bike in the 200+ cc catagory, Pulsar 220 DTSi is the best bet (=

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