Spy Pics – W212 Mercedes Benz E-Class Spotted at Pune, India


This is the all new ninth generation Mercedes Benz E-Class (also known as the W212) which will be launched in India in October.


The car has been undergoing homologation for quite some time now and is currently being tested at Mercedes-Benz India’s Pune plant.


The new E-Class will be initially launched with a 3.5L, 24valve V6 petrol producing 292bhp mated to a 7-GTronic automatic transmission with paddle shifters. The diesel engine will join in later with the 320CDi.


The new E Class is touted as the most beautiful car in the world, it surely has the looks!. It has LED daytime running lights. If you observe the pictures closely you will notice the different set of wheels (maybe for testing purposes).

Mercedes will follow up with less powerful engines next year for the value conscious buyers.

[via Motorbeam]

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