VolksWagen Polo expected price about 4 lakhs, to be launched early next year

VW is targetting a base price of Rs 4 Lakhs for the Polo when it gets launched in India early next year.

Worried by the lukewarm response to the Skoda Fabia the company is working hard to meet its cost target for the base Polo which will come with a naturally aspirated 1.2 Litre Petrol engine. The company hopes to sell 25,000 units of the Polo every year in the Indian market.

VW-Polo-GTI-02s The 2010 VW Polo

Next up is the Polo based sedan which will compete in the midsize segment with the likes of Honda City, Fiat Linea and Hyundai Verna. The sedan will sport state of the art petrol and diesel engines for optimum performance and economy. The Jetta too will get a new range of engines by April 2010 to meet the stricter Bharat IV norms. The timid 1.6 Litre Petrol engine will be replaced by a TSi motor while diesel will shift from VW’s own Pump Duse technology to more conventional common rail technology.

The new Passat will be launched at the Geneva Motor show next year and is expected to come in India towards the end of 2010. 

VW’s iconic Beetle will also be launched in September this year as but more as a brand building excercize than volumes. The sales are expected to be in double digits only due to higher price.

VW is bullish on the Indian market and is putting all its might behind as it thinks that Indian market has the most potential after the Chinese market in the Asian subcontinent.

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