Volkswagen’s Beetle to be launched in India around November!


Launch Date

Volkswagen’s Beetle, the world’s longest running and most-produced car of single design, will be available in India in three months time! The company is very aggressively planning its launch in India.


The Beetle, also known as Bug,  will have a 1.9-litre TDI diesel engine and a 5-speed manual transmission. Its other features will include rain sensors and cruise control, along with acoustic rear parking sensors to fit into small parking spaces. Its safety features will include ABS, traction control, anti-skid system and standard front and side airbags. It is interesting to note that the Bug will offer a Nano-sized drive with all the SUV frills.


The iconic Beetle will be available at a price tag of Rs 20 Lakh. This high price is primarily due to the 110% import duty and high safety specifications.

[Source of Info – Economic Times]


  1. would you buy it ????

    the people how have extra money to spend they should go n buyy it

    in this price i can get a 3 fabia's or i20

  2. nope, I wouldn't buy it until and unless, I'm a Tata, Birla, Ambani or a Mallya. I'll rather buy a Merc C-Class, Honda Accord or a Skoda Superb! ;)