Affordable Porsche Coming Soon!

08.porsche.boxster.rs60.340 The fast, the classy Porsche Sportscars which have always been associated with the rich & famous would soon be available at affordable prices (please do not consider economy price, here)

Acc to the Head of Development at Porsche, the priority for the crisis-hit company was to produce a car significantly cheaper (read less expensive) than the current "bottom-of-the-range" Porsche Boxster that costs a mere $67 778 (Rs 30 Lakhs, approx)

Acc to the company, this will be possible primarily due to the company’s recent merger with volkswagon (VW).

Porsche said last month that sales had slumped by 24 percent in the financial year to July 31 but expressed optimism that the worst of the crisis was now a thing of the past.

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