Ford Fusion is Motor Trend’s 2010 “Car of the Year”

2010 Ford Fusion

Ford Motor Co's mid-size sedan - Fusion was named Motor Trend magazine's 2010 "car of the year" on Tuesday at Detroit.

Acc to Motor Trend Editor Angus MacKenzie -

The Fusion was chosen best of 23 new or significantly upgraded vehicles and the full range of Fusion models impressed the judges, from the four-cylinder entry level vehicles to the all-wheel drive sport and hybrid versions.

Ford has proven its resilience in these tough times by delivering to market a car with broad appeal to a broad range of customers.

Motor Trend tested the vehicles on acceleration, braking, handling, noise and responsiveness under various road and traffic conditions. It also considered design, fuel efficiency, safety and value.

The Fusion, which has become one of the top 10 selling vehicles in the United States, was redesigned for 2010. Ford launched the Fusion in 2006 and it set its previous annual sales peak in 2007.

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