Dealers Desperate to Clear the 2009 Stock of Honda Jazz

Honda dealers are finding it hard to sell the 2009 model of the Honda Jazz. According to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, Honda Siel Cars India (HSCI) had produced 1,066 units of Jazz in December 2009, but managed to sell only 269 units.

To overcome this decline in sales, the dealers are luring the customers by announcing discounts on the model of upto Rs 40,000 and attractive interest rates on loans.

The company, however, said the discounts were an initiative by the dealers and it has no plans to cut the price of the car, which is currently sold in the price range of Rs 6.98 lakh to 7.33 lakhs.

2010 honda jazz blue india

According to the various dealers in Delhi & Pune

"We started the scheme in early January and it will run till end of the month. The discount of Rs 40,000 is intended to clear up last year's stocks"

"We are not giving direct discount. Rather we are going for special finance benefits like making available low interest rates."

"The Jazz 2009 model is being offered with a special finance scheme at interest rate as low as 5.8 per cent against 9.5 per cent normally."

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