Bentley unveils Mulsanne in India

Bentley, today, unveiled its super luxury car Mulsanne at the British High Commission in New Delhi. The car is priced at Rs 2.9 Crores and will be available in the market in October.

According to Chris Buxton, regional director, Bentley (India, Middle-East and Africa)

We have debuted this car in the Indian market for Bentley car connoisseurs. India has a very strong and vibrant economy. We are very hopeful about the future prospects of our business here.


Bentley's legendary hand-assembled 6.8-litre  V8 engine pays homage to its predecessors yet for the new Mulsanne it has been comprehensively re-engineered to employ advanced technologies that deliver unstressed, refined performance. The engine is capable of producing 512 bhp with 1,020 Nm torque.

The new Bentley V8 engine is lighter and features cylinder de-activation and variable cam phasing, a combination that can significantly reduce both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

It will be a highly customizable car and the buyers will be able to choose from 114 paint colors, 21 carpet colors, 9 wood veneers & 24 interior leather hides all of which will be tanned using a decades-old process to ensure this future classic retains its distinctive scent.

In addition, through Bentley's bespoke service, unique colours can be developed which will match a customer's vision and taste. With more standard leather and wood veneer than any other Bentley in the modern era, it is understandable that each Mulsanne will take nine weeks (about 650 hours) to build.

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