New Karizma – Sneak Peak

hero-honda-karizma-new As if the Yamaha R15 hadn't done enough damage, now the new Bajaj Pulsar 220 is making other big (sadly we still have to call a meagerly 220cc mill 'big' in India!) bike-makers uneasy on their comfy office chairs. Finally Hero Honda has been shaken off its sweet slumber as it has revamped its flagship 223cc bike - Karizma. The numero uno bike firm of India is vigorously testing the the new Karizma which can be interpreted as a blinking "Soon To Be Launched" neon sign.

What are the new goodies?
Obviously there will be some cosmetic upgrades and we could spot some which are mentioned below:

>>Complete fresh front fairing with mounted rear view mirrors
>>New look side and rear cowl
>>New rear mud-guard similar to the Hunk
>>LED tail lamps similar to the CBZ Xtreme
>>All new rear disc brakes
>>Rear gas reservoir shocks like the Hunk

The BIG ‘Q’?
Will it be the new Karizma Fi? Sources close to Hero Honda have confirmed that the new Karizma will be powered by the much awaited and delayed Fuel Injection. And since the bike will now have a rear disc brake, we sure hope that the need for better braking means the bike will be bigger on power, hopefully generated by a Fi. Fingers Crossed!

[Via BikeIndia]

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