Tata Nano EV Launched @ Geneva

tata nano ev launch geneva white 2010 india  Image courtesy - AutoExpress

Tata, yesterday, launched the Nano EV – the electric, battery operated version of the Nano at the Geneva Motor Show. This Nano is primarily aimed at the European Market and as of now, the company has no Nano EV plans for India.

According to AutoCarIndia, “The compact electric motor and battery pack has been neatly packaged without compromising on the cars functionality”

The Nano will use the same lithium super polymer batteries as the Indica, which will allow it to reach 37mph from rest in a rather sedate 10 seconds. However, this allows the Nano to travel 99 miles on a single eight-hour charge.

The price hasn’t been disclosed, but the company says that the EV will be very ‘price conscious’.

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